Digital printing inks since 1998

Digital printing Chimigraf

At Kao Chimigraf we are always advancing towards the printing needs of the future. We are pioneers in the development of high quality digital printing inks and UV inks.

Thank to our strong commitment to R&D, and a constant dialogue with printer and print head manufacturers, at Kao Chimigraf, we are able to manufacture digital printing inks of the highest performance.

Applications in all formats

Our digital printing inkjet inks are developed to enable printing companies and manufacturers to print in a wide variety of formats, with the most comprehensive range on the market. from specific industrial wide-format applications to coding, marking, glass and ceramics, labels, cardboard, wood, decorative, automotive, electronics and safety.

Thanks to our experience and expertise in ink manufacturing and its application possibilities, and working closely with our partners, we are uniquely able to integrate the substrate of our inks with different print machines.

That is why Kao Chimigraf has been recognised by brands such as Seiko and Xaar as a certified provider for their print heads, as well as achieving approved compatibility status for Ricoh and Konica.

  • High standards
  • Strict security checks
  • Consistent and reliable inks
  • Responsible formulation to minimise negative effects on health and safety
  • Maximum print output

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