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Kao Chimigraf opened new headquarters last autumn in the town of Sainte-Hermine for its delegation in France. This inauguration, which allows optimizing the company’s work processes in France, is the protagonist of a new article in the French magazine Pack & Label Around, which highlights both the work of Kao Chimigraf in the ink and printing sector, and the qualities of the newly released facilities.


The new headquarters of Kao Chimigraf France continue being located in the Vendée, the region where the company’s former facilities were located since 2007. The change, however, makes it possible to unify all services in one 1.600-m2 building, instead of a distribution of three different spaces. In particular, new offices, a new laboratory and a new workshop were created, with the aim of optimizing production flows and logistics.

In the article dedicated by Pack & Label Around, the Area Manager of Kao Chimigraf France, Thomas Bertin, highlights how the newly opened headquarters allows progress in the objective of printing a sustainable brand in France”, as well as continuing to advance in the company’s innovation aims. In fact, the former site (located in Velliure) did not meet the Kao Group’s demands of age and ergonomics, while the new site also offers the advantages of better access. You can read the complete Pack & Label Around article here.


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