Printing on coated paper for containers and packaging

Coated paper

A type of printing base of 'salsa' made in our 'kitchen'?
It's not what it sounds like. This is our solution to printing on coated paper. We invite you to try it.

At Kao Chimigraf we have developed a series of solutions for printing on coated paper sheets and boxes, that we call Hidrolux.

It stands out for its fast drying, its use in modern high-speed stamping/printing machines as well as for its aqueous modified acrylic based inks. It is designed for flexographic printing on quality corrugated board, wrapping paper and paper bags. Find out more and get to know its many advantages.

More information on coated paper

Printing on coated paper is a rigorous process that requires painting the material with a type of ink known as salsa which helps enhance the finish. We call the section of our factory where this salsa is applied the kitchen!

The main ingredients of this salsa for printing on coated paper are pigments that equal to the charges, such as calcium carbonate, to retain fineness and a superior quality.

To fix these products onto paper, compounds (such as starches, proteins, caseins, polyvinyl alcohol, latex etc.) are required that help them bind them. Other additives may also be used such as optical bleaches, defoamers, lubricants or microbicides, among others.

If you want more information about our printing inks for coated paper, please contact us..

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