Digital printing corrugated cardboard

Products of digital printing corrugated cardboard

Did you know Kao Chimigraf has been awarded for its solution for digital printing of corrugated cardboard?
Part of our attempt to meet your needs means we can offer you new ever more advanced solutions.

What many find difficult, for us is simple. We refer to the digital printing of corrugated cardboard. And not because it is easy, but because we are constantly striving, working, researching, developing, testing and finally managing to satisfy our customers' needs.

Compatibility with the vast majority of print heads

Kao Chimigraf has a range of inks that are compatible with most machines on the market for the digital printing for corrugated cardboard. So much so that even large manufacturers of print heads approve our products for use with their equipment.

And, like any good work, it has its rewards; in our case, being co-winners of the 2013 FEFCO prize for the solution for the industrial digital printing of corrugated cardboard. A prestigious award that encourages us and ensures the success of your print.

More about our series of inks for the digital printing of corrugated cardboard.

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