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On April 3, Kao Chimigraf participated as "Silver Sponsor" at the Flexo Sud Day event, an initiative of ATIF in Vietri sul Mare (Salerno, Italy).


As every year, Kao Chimigraf was present on this day of reference for the sector of flexographic and cardboard printing in Italy.

On this occasion, Alessandro Taliento and Leonardo Peña, in charge of the Sales and Technical areas, respectively, represented Kao Chimigraf. Participation in this event, which has a long record in Italy, is key to positioning the company in this market, a priority for Kao Chimigraf in its internationalization strategy.

Flexo Sud Day closed this 2019 with a very positive balance. The appointment registered a greater influx compared to the previous year. In addition, the program of the event included the presentation of an important novelty: ATIF ACADEMY.

This new project is a result of the need for a training tool for all companies in the Italian flexographic sector. Its main objective is to raise the level of the sector to equal European standards.
During the Flexo Sud Day Event, in addition, several presentations reflected on different aspects of the flexographic printing sector, such as its evolution, sustainability, future trends and the impact of various technologies and materials.



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