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Kao Chimigraf has been one of the leading companies during this month of June by the Packaging Innovation Cluster, of which the company is a member.


The cluster's website has dedicated an extensive report to highlighting the company's commitment to quality since its creation in 1970, as well as its commitment to internationalisation, with a presence in over 60 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

In its article, the cluster underlines how Kao Chimigraf has become a leading company in the manufacture of inks and varnishes, and especially emphasizes that its products are international references for application in flexography, rotogravure and digital printing techniques.

In this success, one of the key factors has been the company's commitment to the R&D department, and the continuous search for new products and functionalities, as well as a constant updating of the product catalogue and the professionals who form part of the Kao Chimigraf team.

Kao Chimigraf has collaborated with the Packaging Innovation Cluster of Valencia in the organization of the National Packaging Design and Sustainability Awards, an event in which the company was a silver collaborator.

The General Manager of Kao Chimigraf, Armand Marcé, was in charge of handing over one of the guards to Veronica Salido Polo, a student at the Valencia School of Art and Design. During the awards ceremony, Kao Chimigraf also showed its products and innovations in the exhibition area.


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