Chimigraf introduces his new ink

Innovating at DRUPA 2016 with the new ink, Chimijet CRB


Chimijet CRB

How do you innovate at one of the most anticipated all-format-printing fairs? How do you surprise thousands of visitors and exhibitors from around the world at DRUPA 2016? The answer is new ink series CHIMIJET CRB by Chimigraf.

At DRUPA 2016, Chimigraf presented its new CHIMIJET CRB series, an ink specially designed for printing on paper and corrugated cardboard.

Chimigraf’s innovative hi-tech venture for DOD piezoelectric print heads is an ultraviolet curing, low migration ink. Its benefits are obvious: well above other technologies as far as colour intensity is concerned, as well as abrasion resistance, yield and high production speeds without need of a drying oven IR, it is slower and shows improved energy consumption.

But the special features of CHIMIJET CRB don’t end there; it also stands out for its instant UV curing lamps, its capacity to print on non - porous media and its ease of recycling.

Evolution of the printing market
Over the last 10 years, the industry of different printing markets has sought, developed or implemented digital alternatives to their production processes. Markets such as ceramic decoration or flexible packaging have launched new solutions in both ink and hardware. Digital printing market has been joined by decorative wood for the furniture industry, decoration on glass, aluminium, PVC ... So what’s left to do? The corrugated packaging market - and this is where Chimigraf bursts on stage with its innovative ink CHIMIJET CRB.

Advantages of digital printing technology
Digital technology allows for printing to be adapted to the new demands of customers; from reducing print size to increasing print quality, which all helps to increase the possibilities of product design and customisation without having to change plates and also the possibility of including a field of variable data. New possibilities which exponentially widen the product development options, leading to a more sophisticated level of corrugated cardboard packaging.

Chimigraf’s experience in the sector: progress and evolution
Chimigraf has manufactured water-based inks for flexographic printing on corrugated board since 1970. A market in which Chimigraf has extensive experience and know-how, that allows the company to meet the needs of our customers and move on with them as they evolve.

As a result of this knowledge and experience in the graphics market and other industrial printing markets such as wooden decoration, ceramics as well as coding and marking, in 1998 Chimigraf created a new division of inkjet inks for digital printing. Thanks to this division inks like the UV curing CHIMIJET CRB have been developed. Moreover other ink technology options are being studied, both water-based and hybrid.

To this end, at Chimigraf we have achieved a low migration UV ink that meets all the regulations for indirect food packaging, and has passed tests with favourable overall and specific migration results, this ink, named CHIMIJET CRB FDP, can be presented as the most innovative ink for digital corrugated single-pass printing market.

Regulations, certifications and standards related to CHIMIJET CRB FDP

Chimigraf’s new digital inkjet ink CHIMIJET CRB FDP complies with regulations and standards applicable to indirect contact food packaging: Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21, EuPIA Exclusion List for Printing Inks, ITX and Benzophenone Free, Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks.

Chimigraf has tested overall migration on Tenax, based on UNE EN 1186-13: 2002 and Regulation (EU) 10/2011 through the Technological Institute of Packaging (ITENE) as well as specific tests based on EFSA guidelines for FCM evaluation and BFR guidelines, all showing favourable results.

According to the results obtained by customers and based on direct participation in the evolution of the packaging market towards digital printing technologies, the degree of satisfaction with respect to Chimigraf is high. Therefore, the policy of research and development of new products and options to meet future needs of customers is ongoing. It will appear in parallel with the consolidation of the implementation of digital printers for the packaging market.

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Chimijet CRB

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