Chimigraf innovation and internationalization

  • Published: Wednesday, 12 November 2014 10:05
Armand Marcé

Armand Marce in the Intelligent Packaging Conference

Chimigraf, the race for innovation and internationalization

On April 23 this year, Chimigraf was honored to be a guest speaker in the conference "Intelligent Packaging" by the Sr.Armand Marcé our manager.

After a brief introduction explaining the long haul Chimigraf 45 years and the growth of the same based on the increasing internationalization, Marcé unveiled to the public last packaging solution for determining the freshness of food such as chicken. With a micro-porous label on the plastic wrap trays of chicken that we find in the supermarket, consumers can know the freshness of the product depending on the color of it. With this intelligent solution, not only transparency of information for the buyer is achieved, if not turn save -a sometimes irrational waste of perishable foods by excessive prudence inaccuracy or expiration dates, with this obsolescence costs entails.

This project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Chimigraf with ITENE (Technological Institute of Packaging, Transport and Logistics) in our race for innovation and development. Although the product will initially be introduced in Spain, and has views out to the world soon.

Chimigraf continues and will continue to pursue the art technology. Today we have created intelligent inks for future smart economy.

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